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By , 29 June 2010 12:03

Lots of new stuff on Texas Exile Radio this week.  Hard to pick a favourite from the current crop but, in the end, I think it’s gotta be Si Kahn’s Courage (Strictly Country Records).  How I’ve missed this guy before, I’ll never quite know — he’s a veteran recorder with a dozen or so albums under his belt since (I think) 1974 — but there’s not a bad track on the whole danged album.  Si Kahn is also a veteran campaigner for civil rights and liberties, so the lyrics are definitely right up TExR’s alley (YMMV).  Meanwhile, the music is clean, catchy, and light — it’s got a lot of traditional Appalachian instrumentation and a notably celtic feel.  Kahn’s playing seems fairly effortless; which, of course, actually means he’s put a great deal of effort into making this a damn good album.  It’s effort that has paid off.  If this guy ever does a gig near me, I wanna be there.

Meanwhile, Larkin Poe — the younger 2/3 of the erstwhile Lovell Sisters — have released Spring (European distribution by Edvin Records).  They call this an EP, but actually it has 9 solid tracks.  These young ladies are gonna make it big, I reckon; they’re probably well on their way already.  As the 3-piece Lovell Sisers, they released their first CD when they were barely into their teens — that one still gets airplay on TExR, actually — but, since then, they have grown and matured, as has their music with them.  Now a 2-piece, what with one sister off to study (and, I believe, to get married), their latest effort is traditional, yet experimental, nuanced and thoughtful; this is a solid offering that builds nicely on what’s gone before.

We first encountered Ben Bedford with last year’s excellent Lincoln’s Man. Now he sends us a worthy successor in Land of the Shadows (Hopeful Sky Records).  Stand out track:  ”Mother Jones on the Line.”

From Mars Arizona (a band, not a place), we’ve got High Desert (Big Barn Records).  Originating indeed from Arizona, this duo seems to have relocated more than once — first from Tempe to Chicago, and then on to San Francisco — so their sound is an interesting mix of country-rock influences.  Their sound’s foundations still hearken to the desert Southwest — they haven’t forgotten those roots — but this is then overlaid with a California feel that, thankfully, doesn’t overwhelm the roots, but instead feeds in.  I’d like to hear more from these guys.

Wilson’s Resevoir sends us an eponymous, self-released album of alt-country music with hints of Appalachian flavour.  The liner notes speak of lead guy Ben Wilson’s homeschool upbringing, which would normally set off a few alarm bells in my head, owing to the homeschool types I encountered back in Texas.  But, here, if nowhere else, I’d have got things wrong.  The album is, in fact, it is a very thoughtful (and darkly intense) piece of work which speaks from a Georgia background that I certainly recognise.  Coolest track: “Lemons in the Water”.

By contrast, Annie Dinerman’s Broken Cookies (Blue Bird Records) is filled with clever, light-hearted (but not flippant), sweet, and sometimes poignant observations of regular people’s real life and love.  Native to Ohio, her sound seems like fairly straightforward New York folk — which, apparently, make sense, as she hails from a family of transplanted New Yorkers.  Worth hearing, this one.

I’m a little late with Eliza Lynn’s Haven (Civility Records), which she released late last year.  It’s a really solid-sounding, soulful bluesy-twangy hybrid that I thoroughly enjoyed.  I usually have a Big Pile of CDs on my desk that I’m catching up with, and sometimes it’s a chore; but there are definitely albums that make it worth it, and here’s one I definitely wish I’d heard earlier.

We’ve also got some new tracks on from the Drive-by Truckers’ The Big To-Do (PIAS).  It’s all right; I don’t happen to think there’s much here that’s wildly new.  But it does what the Truckers do well.

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    Howdy … thanks for the heads up. I’ll check into that. I use Safari, myself.

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